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New Add-on: NodeSet Pro

I am pleased to announce that NodeSet Pro is available from my BlenderMarket store. NodeSet Pro is based on my original free NodeSet add-on published in 2017 but was completely rewritten to ease maintenance. The configuration options and functionality where also greatly enhanced, notably

A small lake

on the right side of the layout a small lake is taking shape. The water is clear resin on top of a coated underground, the plants on the shores are Noch lasercut minis. More small trees and shrubs will be

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New buildings

bought two buildings recently, both by Faller. the station in the picture below shows my initial attempts at weathering, the coaling station is still without any paint.

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Tunnel entrance

Started working on the tunnel entrance

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Finishing a 3D printed lamp post

Painting such small detail is fiddly and I am not quite content with the resulting look yet: Although it is often said that glossiness plays no role in distant viewing I think the paint on these lamp posts should be

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Added a small storage section for firewood to the farm. This close-up shows there is still some detailing to be done: the corner of the walls doesn’t look too good and obviously we need to do something to the gap

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3D printed models: Stone bridge and Lamp post

Two models I designed in Blender and had printed at came in yesterday. The lamp post is designed to hold a standard 3mm round LED and therefore has a removable top cover to make it possible to insert the

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The finished well

the well truned out quite ok: note that in both pictures there are still some wet globs of PVA glue visible. When i decide on the final position of the well in the meadow i will add some weeds and

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A well

A small well made from clay, match sticks and some leftover pieces of roof. still needs some painting of course.

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Apple tree

I created an apple tree from soldered copper wire, glue plus plaster and poly fiber. Now I added some aplpes made from colored mustard seeds:

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