A small lake

on the right side of the layout a small lake is taking shape. The water is clear resin on top of a coated underground, the plants on the shores are Noch lasercut minis. More small trees and shrubs will be added but i think the first steps already look quite pleasing.


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New buildings

bought two buildings recently, both by Faller. the station in the picture below shows my initial attempts at weathering, the coaling station is still without any paint.

2015-04-26 09.31.062015-04-26 09.30.57

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Tunnel entrance

Started working on the tunnel entrance

2015-03-01 15.49.10

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Finishing a 3D printed lamp post

Painting such small detail is fiddly and I am not quite content with the resulting look yet:

2015-02-01 09.36.49

Although it is often said that glossiness plays no role in distant viewing I think the paint on these lamp posts should be slightly glossy and not have the matte look that is has now. It is also very difficult to paint the vertical edges along the ‘glass panes’. Finally this lamp post needed two coats of acryllic to block any stray light  from the LED. (The LED I used earlier on was way to faint, I have fitted it now with a 3mm round yellow led of 250 mcd brightness.

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Added a small storage section for firewood to the farm. This close-up shows there is still some detailing to be done: the corner of the walls doesn’t look too good and obviously we need to do something to the gap between the farm an d the ground. As per usual the glue again is not dried up and visible behind the wood blocks. I also planted some bright blue flowers (delphiniums?) and there are some out-of-focus chickens running about.


The bridge meanwhile got its fist wash of colors, heavily diluted with matte medium. When it is dry I will apply a second dark wash to bring out the grouting some more.

bridge first wash

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3D printed models: Stone bridge and Lamp post

Two models I designed in Blender and had printed at Shapeways.com came in yesterday. The lamp post is designed to hold a standard 3mm round LED and therefore has a removable top cover to make it possible to insert the LED. The post of the lamp is hollow and just wide enough for two twisted 0.9mm outer diameter wires. Unlike the bridge the lamp post is printed in Frosted Ultra Detail which allows for really fine detailing like the rivets on the foot of the post (barely visible on the picture).

If all works out satisfactorily I might offer these models in a Shapeways shop.

bridge shapewayslamp post shapeways

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The finished well

the well truned out quite ok:

2015-01-11 14.08.42

2015-01-11 14.19.39

note that in both pictures there are still some wet globs of PVA glue visible. When i decide on the final position of the well in the meadow i will add some weeds and a muddy path leading to it.

I liked working with DAS clay so one of the next steps will be to fashion some sort of drinking trough for the cattle and i have plans to create some sort of old ruin elsewhere on the layout, also from clay.

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A well

A small well made from clay, match sticks and some leftover pieces of roof.


still needs some painting of course.

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Apple tree

I created an apple tree from soldered copper wire, glue plus plaster and poly fiber. Now I added some aplpes made from colored mustard seeds:


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Weatering an old farm house

The first stage of weathering a simple farmhouse model. “real” vegetation will be adde later.

2015-01-03 10.36.26

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