Weatering an old farm house

The first stage of weathering a simple farmhouse model. “real” vegetation will be adde later.

2015-01-03 10.36.26

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3D printing an H0 scale stone bridge

Made significant progress. An impression is shown below:

Blender_ [E__Blender Projects_bridge5randomized.blend]_2015-01-02_15-36-19

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3D printing an H0 scale stone bridge

Started on the design of a 3d printed stone bridge. Since the work is done in Blender, I’ll post about it on my Small Blender Things blog.

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Static grass really works!

I admit I was a bit sceptical at first but converting an electric flyswatter to a static grass applicator really works. In the picture below a closeup of 6mm grass added with the applicator:

static grass closeup

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A fir tree, first try

2014-12-27 19.14.20

Maybe still a bit too rough but it is promising. Made by twisting copper wire around tufts of sisal twine and applying 2.5mm grass.

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A mountain meadow, some ground cover and bushes

I wait for the greener grass parts until I have received my electronic fly swatter, but the bushes and ground turf near the edges already offer some flavour.

2014-12-26 10.04.11

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A mountain meadow, first groundwork

first take at the mountain meadow. Just the base colors, no dirt or grass yet. I did put in the fences (Noch laser cut minis) and the cows to get an idea of the scale. The cows look way too clean so i’ll probably weather/stain them along with the fence.

2014-12-24 20.02.37

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Track and platform taking shape

Now my plaster platform is starting to look like something. Used plasterers tape to get the rectangular pavement tiles and weathered it all with powdered pastel chalk.

The tracks still look a bit shiny but i like the effect of the colored sand and the tufts of grass (both by SceneryScapers) combined with ‘stoney meadow’ groundcover (by Noch)

2014-12-22 12.14.20

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Weathering railroad track

My first trial on weathering rails and ballasting the track:

2014-12-20 14.54.17

used artist’s acrylic to blend a reddish/rusty hue and applied it with a brush to the sleepers and the rails. Then applied grey granite ballast (from Noch) and used a dry brush to remove it from the sleepers and to shape the outer ballast bed. To fix it in place I applied water diluted PVA glue with a tiny drop of soap. Finished it with 2.5mm grass (from Noch) and a tiny bit of GroundSoil (from SceneryScapers).

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creating a platform from plaster

started on the platform that runs along the innermost track at the front. Just made a simple rectangular mould and filled it with plaster mixed with a dash of black acrylic paint. I think the plaster should have been a bit thinner to evenly settle but i’ll sand it afterwards anyway.
2014-12-17 18.19.06
2014-12-17 18.49.10

Hmmm, failed experiment. Even after 3 days of drying the plaster is too weak to take a sanding. Apparently Fix and Finish isn’t suitable to use it as a pouring plaster. I will create a new mold and use the recommended amount of water and just apply it with a spatula.

2014-12-20 10.15.15

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